Smart Café

Variety offers all levels of cafeteria service no matter what your needs. We can design and operate any level of food service program such as:

  • Full scale multi-service point cafeterias with daily hot entrees, grill items, salad bars, bakery items, deli stations, etc.
  • Limited scale facilities such as deli-only operations when grill and/or preparation facilities are not available.
  • Daily off-site prepared hot entrees and/or deli type service brought in to your location when on site facilities are inadequate. On occasion off-site prepared hot entrees and/or deli type service or boxed lunches brought in to your location for special events.

Variety uses chef’s not cooks in all our facilities to insure the highest food quality and menu selection. In addition, we customize our menus for each individual account’s specific taste preferences and desires. We do not use corporate master menus that all locations are required to adhere to. Finally, Variety together with your guidance, will design an annual fun and diversion plan for your food service facility to keep your dining experience constantly enjoyable and entertaining.

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