Providing a convenient food program that refreshes your employees is a great recruiting tool for your company. Let us help you bring in great employees to your organization!


Providing a food service program for your employees refreshes them throughout the work day. This means that work productivity and office morale increases!


Here at Variety FoodServices, we understand that your employees come first. We want to provide a food service program for your employees that will keep them happy!

Partnering with hr

We understand that your employees want and deserve to be valued. Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in employee retention and recruitment.


We have multiple promotions that will boost your employee benefit program. Interested in boosting your program? Download our mico market promotion guide below!

Tired of spending your lunch break doing this?

Why spend your entire lunch break going out of the office to eat? A Variety food service program can bring all of the food solutions you need without leaving work!

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