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There's a direct correlation between nutritious, appetizing meals and the ability of all students to learn and attain a greater education. We provide the fuel for student success!


Increasing Meal Participation

"See What's Cooking!" From our toppings bar varieties all the way to our new soup stations!

Spice of Life Flavor Station

Checkout our "Spice of Life" Flavor Station. A great way to increase meal participation!


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Quiet Desk



Our system will help you reduce waste by ordering the exact number of meals needed, and if necessary, up to 72 hours in-advance of the next day's service.


For an instructional guide on our E-Ordering System, please call us at (586) 756-8100. 


dependable Service

With Variety FoodServices you'll receive timely and accurate deliveries. We utilize fleet-wide GPS software allowing us to track your delivery right to your door.


Our team is also trained in all matters of food service safety including ServSafe and Quick Chill. 

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