We remain a family-owned and operated business and have elected the guidance of a diverse board of directors since 1980. Board members serve a 2 to 8 year term and are responsible for overseeing Variety’s finances, operations, and strategic planning. Our culture is one of support, safety, and respect. At Variety, we embrace a diversity of ideas and cultures and our actions are guided by fairness, honesty, and integrity. We are committed to providing all of our customer’s with excellent service and quality food products.

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John Nowak.png

John Nowak

President & CEO

John is the third generation of the Nowak family and has been an active member of Variety for over 35 years. John is responsible for the day-to-day operations, customer service, and continued growth for all of Variety’s core services. John succeeded his father Ken in 1997 and his grandfather Norman as past presidents of Variety.

Larry Nowak-.png

Larry Nowak

Chief Operating Officer

Larry is also a third generation Nowak family member. He manages all customer service and day-to-day vending operations, being directly responsible for the equipment, operations and customer service of both vending and dining operations.  Larry has been with Variety for over 30 years.

Jessica Coumans.png

Jessica Coumans

Human Resources Director

Jessica Coumans is the Human Resources Director responsible for all facets of Human Resources such as Employee Relations, Worker's Compensation, Benefits, Recruiting, and more! She is a essential component in driving employee growth & satisfaction within Variety FoodServices.

Ken Denomme.png

Ken Denomme


Ken is Variety’s controller and has been responsible for overseeing the accounting department, invoicing the accounts on a timely basis, and handling the financial statements for each accounting period.  He has been with us for over 10 years.

Rosetta Chapman.png

Rosetta Chapman

Customer Service Representative

Rosetta brings many years of experience working in school food service management. She uses her industry experience to help add value to our school's food service programs.

Renee Fredrick.png

Renee Frederick

Customer Service Representative

Renee joined the Variety team as a Customer Service Representative in August 2017. She is a former Food Service Director at a local charter school. She spent a few years as a server at the charter school before transitioning into the Director role. Her past experience helps her excel at her current position as a Customer Service Representative.

James Hudak.png

James Hudak

Vending Operations Manager

Jim oversees the vending and micro markets division here at Variety FoodServices. His main responsibilities include ensuring timely delivery and quality service to our customers. Jim brings over 25 years of food service management experience.


Damon Kurtz

K-12 Sales Manager

Damon is the K-12 program specialist and he is responsible for new sales development, client relations, customer service, and account retention. Damon has worked with numerous charter school accounts for over 10 years and provides solid food service experience that includes best practices in cafeteria design and menu planning.

Mike Nowak.png

Mike Nowak

Logistics Manager

Mike is our Logistics Manager, and the 4th generation of the Nowak family, managing all of our day-to-day distribution operations.  Mike manages our fleet of drivers and vehicles to ensure the daily successful delivery of all shipments to each client everyday.  Mike also manages our warehouse facility and is responsible for all inbound shipments as well as onsite storage and facility maintenance.

Keith Cole.png

Keith Cole

School Manager

Keith Cole is the purchasing and warehouse manager for over 10 years and he is responsible for ordering all food, paper, and cleaning supplies as well as any equipment requirements. In addition, he is responsible for managing the warehouse organization, inventory control, and the warehouse employees that load and unload all of our stock.

Kathy Green.png

Kathy Green

Assistant Controller

Kathy is our Assistant Controller. She graduated Magna Cumme Laude from Oakland University with a Bachelor's degree in Human Resources Development. She has spent over 18 years at Variety working as a Counting Room Supervisor, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable & now her current position starting in October 2018.

Tom Koller.png

Tom Koller

Customer Service Manager

Tom Koller is our Customer Service Manager for our vending division. Tom has over 40 years' experience in the vending industry and has been a part of the Variety family for over 37 years. Tom previously served on the board of directors for the Vending Machine Repair Class at Warren Woods Tower High School and also served on the board of review for NAMA training manuals.

Reggie Massey.png

Reggie Massey

Route Supervisor

Reggie Massey is Variety’s food expediter and supervises our school drivers. Reggie has over 15 years of food service experience. He manages proper food loading into cambros, paper supplies, and he supervises driver schedules and standards. Reggie ensures on-time deliveries at all schools.

Shannon McNair.png

Shannon McNair

Menu Compliance & Creation Manager

Shannon is an essential component to Variety's menu development & implementation. She ensures all menus meet Federal Meal Pattern Guidelines & meet all necessary dietary restrictions. 

Russ Nowak.png

Russ Nowak

Service Manager

Russ Nowak is active in all aspects of vending operation from warehouse to technical service. He currently assists both vending and the school division as a customer service manager. Russ is another third generation Nowak whose father Don, formerly vice president, handled operations. Russ has been a part of the Variety family for 40 years.

Zach Nowak.png

Zach Nowak

Sales & Marketing Executive

Zach is a 4th generation Nowak family member and has been working in our sales & marketing department with us since 2018. He currently oversees our marketing initiatives, while also working on new business development.