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Why should you have a Variety Market in Your facility?

Our Variety Markets are our exciting, expanded retail option to traditional vending programs. With application in a variety of settings including office break rooms, employee lounges, industrial lunch rooms and retirement communities, our Variety Markets provide hundreds of fresh salads and sandwiches, snacks, beverages and even sundry items specifically predicted on your team's requests and expectations!

A Greater variety

Fresh food

Cut Peaches

There is one key concept behind all of our Variety Markets-freshness. Each location is stocked regularly with countless fresh food options all customized to each locations preferences!

Our markets are stocked with a rotating menu of fresh foods. We've got you covered with fresh fruit selections, salads, sandwiches, and other fresh snack options.

Are you looking to increase employee wellness?

Contact a Variety FoodServices representative to learn more about the fresh food options that our Variety Markets can provide for you!

Partnering with hr

We understand that your employees want and deserve to be valued. Employee satisfaction plays a huge role in employee retention and recruitment.


We have multiple promotions that will boost your employee benefit program. Interested in boosting your program? Download our promotion guide below!


Healthy Options

Our markets provide a plethora of health and wellness alternatives to promote a healthy lifestyle!

It is proven that employee performance increases with healthy eating. You can learn more about this at 4 Strategies to Improve Eating Habits in Your Workplace and Elevate Performance.


Fast & Easy Payment

State-of-the-art software enables you to self checkout your items at our payment kiosk. Fast & easy!

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