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Here are some of the most frequently asked questions. Still have a question?  No problem, just give us a call!  586-756-8100

How It Works

The Variety Market operates just like a grocery store self-checkout aisle.  Scan your items, pay, and go!

How To Pay

You can pay with either credit/debit, cash, or from your account balance.  To pay with cash you will need to create a free account and log in because this machine does not accept or refund change, instead your balance will be deposited to your account for future purchases.   If you prefer to pay with credit/debit card an account is not required but suggested for advanced features.  Note:  Some stores may not accept cash and will only allow credit/debit card & account payment.

Account Setup & Login

To create an account press  the New Account button and follow the steps on the kiosk.  After creating an account you can login with your email & password, quickpin & password, or fingerprint.  Fingerprint is the fastest!  You can also make deposits to your account from the kiosk or online at

Lost Password

If you have lost your password you will need to have it reset.  You can do this online at and click “I’m A Market User” and then “Login” in the top right then “Forget Your Password?”.  You can also have your password reset by our support team by calling 586-756-8100.

Non-Scannable Products

To purchase an item without a barcode go to the kiosk and press the button on the front screen that corresponds to your item, either "FRESH FRUIT" or "HOT BEVERAGE".  You will then see a list of items, choose yours and press Add To Order.  Note some stores many not carry Non-Scannable products so you may not see this button on your kiosk.

Product Requests & Suggestions

Did you know you can get almost any product you want in the market?  Just let us know!  Press the Suggestions button and send us your thoughts! 

Faster Logins

To make future logins quicker you can add your fingerprint to your account!  First login then press the Add Fingerprint button and follow the kiosk instructions.  The next time you want to login just hold your fingerprint on the scanner. 

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