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Beta Test Application 1.1

Web Catering manager



Variety Foodservices, Inc. has drastically redesigned its previous online catering manager to a more robust version using current web toolsets and technologies. We’ve now reached the “testing phase” of our beta version of the new Web Catering Manager and are asking our testers to use the beta version of the Web Catering Manager. We’re checking the viability of the system and looking for any unforeseen problems that only an end user may find. We’re also looking for suggestions for improvements based more on how the user interacts with the system. 


Our ultimate goal is to give the best customer satisfaction. Software testing improves the user experience of an application and gives satisfaction to the customers. 

Test Routines

The following items should be thoroughly tested:

  • User Login / Logoff (Test failed or successful login) 

  • Display of appropriate school data/info (ABC login displays ABC School Info) 

  • View past/present menus (Displays appropriate school menus – opens PDF in browser)

  • Select Menu (combo box, list box) Option to view 1 or many. 

  • Select Menu View (month, week) 

  • Edit menu items

  • Add/Edit ala carte items 

  • Save menu edits 

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