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Going that Extra Mile with Variety FoodServices

In today’s corporate environment, some companies struggle to meet all of the basic requirements that are placed upon them by their customers. However, for organizations who have the opportunity as well as the internal talent acumen and vision to go beyond the fundamental client expectations, these companies can truly “go the extra mile” and in turn become a more effective, integral partner to the companies they service. This is how Variety FoodServices became the largest charter school food service management provider in Southeast Michigan over the past three years.

As the 2017-18 school year begins, Variety FoodServices, will remain #1 with earning the greatest number of charter school food service contracts again this year providing over 20,000 nutritious, great tasting meals throughout Detroit’s tri-county area.

The most recent Variety contract award, announced earlier this week is with University Prep Schools, which comprises two districts and seven individual K-12 schools. Collectively, they have the largest charter school enrollment population in the Detroit area.

So what’s the secret ingredient that has made Variety the largest school food service management company? It originates in that intrinsic “go the extra mile” proactive approach and attitude that each Variety associate is expected to provide. Variety recognizes that preparing the accurate quantity of meals that taste and look great and then delivering those meals within required time windows are the non-negotiables for each school serviced. However, once these mandatory requirements are met, Variety team members work closely with each school’s administrative team on other food and nutrition related programs. In previous school seasons, Variety has provided nutrition education to all grade levels whether introducing Carly Corn or Tammy Tomato to the younger students or speaking with high school students on adopting healthy eating habits and conducting taste tests with student organizations. Variety can even assist school administration with monitoring the waste ratio between ordered and delivered meals with actual meals consumed so schools are able to reach a balanced food program budget. Variety’s catered events division, Applause, also provides outstanding catering events to schools and other venues at a fraction of the cost schools would spend from other area caterers.

In addition to schools, Variety provides food management solutions to other businesses and organizations throughout southeast Michigan. When companies require some level of food and refreshment services, they partner with Variety FoodServices to accomplish those requirements so administration can remain focused on their core business. Today, Variety proudly provides food management support and expertise to businesses requiring meal program support, vending, micro markets and catering events. Opened in 1928, Variety remains a family owned and operated food service company with corporate offices and a large production commissary in Warren.

So in the end, is it worth going that extra mile for your customers? Variety has proven year after year that the answer is an emphatic yes!


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