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Why Micro Markets Help Your Businesses Thrive

What is a Micro Market?

A micro market is an unmanned retail space where you can purchase food & beverage items using a self checkout kiosk.

Emerging in popularity over the last few years, the micro market has completely transformed the traditional break room giving you and your employees more variety in food & beverage products.

From your pre-packaged snacks to fresh foods, a micro market can be stocked with just about anything your company needs, conveniently all in one place.

Variety Micro Market in Automobile Plant Detroit, Michigan
A Variety Micro Market in metro Detroit
Why Choose Variety Markets?

The Variety Difference

Variety FoodServices has proudly been serving metro Detroit and the Midwest since 1928. For the last 95+ years, we have always believed in making sure our clients have the highest quality products and the best customer service around.

We are your one-stop shop to creating the perfect food service program for your organization.

A Greater Variety Of Products

A Variety Micro Market is appealing to employees, making it convenient and easy to purchase their favorite snacks, drinks and even meals without ever having to leave the building– perfect for a late afternoon refresher to get you and your employees through a long work day!

Variety Markets even offer over-the-counter medicine and personal care items to make sure you and your employees stay happy & healthy.

Exclusive Fresh Foods

With a Variety Micro Market, not only will you have access to a wide variety of pre-packaged snacks and foods, we offer a rotating menu of fresh & pre-packed food keeping it interesting and seasonal.

Freshly made by our esteemed executive chefs at Variety FoodServices, we guarantee two new fresh items every month that you’ll love.

Designed For You, By You

Your Variety Market is completely customizable for you:

  • Custom-built for your spacing requirements

  • Personalized to promote your corporate brand

  • A tailor-made product selection, perfect for your company’s needs

Convenience You’ll Appreciate

With our state-of-the-art kiosks & software, we make self checkout quick and easy for your employees!

Whatever you need stocked, we’ll make sure to get it for you. From toothpaste to safety glasses, we’ve got you covered.

Your Dream HR Partner

From special discounts & promotions to the ability to reward employees with market credits for a job well done, we believe in being an active part of your employee wellness & satisfaction efforts.

Variety Market is perfect for helping you recruit, refresh & retain great employees.


To learn more about Variety Micro Markets and our other food service programs, use the “contact sales” button below or call us at (586) 756-8100.

Variety FoodServices, from convenient snacks to complete meals, we’ve got you covered.


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