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Case Study: High School Lunch Participation at Detroit Edison Public School Academy (DEPSA)

The Challenge

During the 2021-22 school year, Detroit Edison Public School Academy’s high school cafeteria was experiencing low student participation in their lunch program. A review by the district’s Food Service Director (Mrs. Franchesca Covington) revealed only 50 students, or 13% of enrollment grades 9-12, were approaching the food service counter.

"Students wanted more choices, the ability to create their own dishes, better tasting food, an eating experience similar to Food Courts at the local mall." - Mrs. Covington

The Solution

In response to the district’s challenges, Variety submitted a Marketing & Merchandising Plan that included the following:

  • Restaurant style food concepts such as:

    • Norm’s Kitchen Table

    • Motor City Grill

    • La Famiglia Pizzeria

  • Dolly’s Garden Reimbursable Salad Bar

  • New serving equipment & station signage

  • An On-site Sous Chef

The Result

DESPA Lunch Participation Increase With Variety FoodServices
  • Between the hot station concepts of Norms Kitchen Table, Motor City Grill, & La Famiglia Pizzeria, students were able to select from 3 hot options daily.

  • For students who wanted to create their own meals, option 4, Dolly’s Garden provided the opportunity to select food items that were most-appealing to each individual set of taste buds.

  • New station signage and food service equipment allowed for a “Food Court” style cafeteria.

  • Variety’s culinary trained Sous Chef ensured flavorful meals that “Looked, Smelled, & Tasted” great!


To learn more about how Variety FoodServices can assist in bettering your school's lunch options, use the "contact sales" button below or call us at (586) 756-8100


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