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Introducing Variety Fresh Express

Introducing an exciting new food service program offered by Variety FoodServices: Variety Fresh Express

The program is entirely mobile and designed to be setup/torn down for each service so it leaves no footprint! Perfect to serve a staff of 50 or more.

How It Works

The Variety team will set up a food service station consisting of:

  • Two eight foot tables

  • A selection of freshly prepared foods

  • A payment kiosk

Facility Needs

  • Approximately 7’x16’ of food & server space / serving line

  • Power – our system can run entirely on battery!

Menu Options & Pricing

  • Customizable Rotating Menu - Choose from Mexican, Asian, American & More!

  • Direct P&L or Subsidized for Events Price Range: $10-17 per meal

Illustration of Variety Fresh Express example

If you are interested in pairing these services with your daily food service program, please use the "contact sales" button below or call us at (586) 756-8100 to speak to a representative.

“From Convenient Snacks to Complete Meals, We’ve Got You Covered!”


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