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The Variety Difference: Culinary Excellence

Variety FoodServices offers a wide-array of food choices that cater to the ever-changing demand of today’s students. Our food concepts cater to all the taste buds and dietary requirements imaginable, including:

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • International Flavors

  • Pizza

  • Mexican grill

  • And much more!

Variety understands the complexity of student eating habits and the correlation that it plays to performance in the classroom. We strive to work with students, administrators, and families to understand their needs and offer menus that meet and exceed expectations.

Students Enjoying A Variety FoodServices Lunch

We do this through surveys, focus groups, and mid-term reviews with all of our partners. These strategies have a positive impact on student enrollment.


To experience the variety difference in your school’s food program, use the “contact sales” button below or call us at (586) 756-8100.


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