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Top 4 Ways to Enhance Employee Satisfaction & Retention Efforts

Employee loyalty is key to making companies run smoothly. How to keep employee satisfaction high while also increasing their retention is something you want to know. You never want to risk losing your employees, especially now, during these hard times our world is facing. Follow these 4 tips to develop the satisfaction of your employees while also improving employee retention:

1. Rewards and Recognition Programs

Rewards programs are common in retail and grocery stores, but there are ways to implement them into any business! According to Chron, “78% {of employees} are more productive after being rewarded,” which makes sense knowing that they feel appreciated for their efforts. Giving your employees positive reinforcement along with incentives after a job well done is an important aspect in leading employees. Ask your foodservice provider if they offer any employee reward and recognition programs (ex. free vending product coupons, item discounts, etc.)

2. Wellness Offering

Wellness falls under three main categories: physical, mental, and financial. According to a Robert Half survey, 63% of the polled employers stated that they are providing some sort of physical wellness offering to their staff. Possible offerings within this portion may include gym access or encouraging healthy behaviors by providing fresh options in the lunch room.

3. Encourage Creativity in the Workplace

Employees need room to be creative and share ideas in order to gain personal growth. Dedicating areas within the workplace, such as a coffee station, to chat with others is a simple way to get ideas flowing between one another. Holding lunch-and-learns in small group, or over video, is another effective way to allow others to feel comfortable sharing their notions aloud.

4. Provide a Positive Environment

An effective environment entails making the employees feel comfortable, supported, and heard. Dissolving workplace stress is crucial considering almost 50% of employees commit a voluntary turnover due to workplace stress, according to the Harvard Business Review. Possible stress management options include health and wellness products or healthy food options in the lunch room to aid in boosting your employee’s morale. After all, happy employees will rub off on each other forming a positive environment for everyone.

We hope you find these tips helpful and consider utilizing them within your company. Having satisfied employees is important in any company, and ensuring it is very doable. There is a wide range of food service options to explore in order to make additions to benefit your employees and keep them coming back to work. We encourage you to use these tips at your organization in whichever form works best for you!

Variety FoodServices is a Michigan-based, food service management company that provides the following on-site food services’: vending machines, micro markets, office coffee & refreshments, café services & corporate catering. Please contact us today and we can discuss the best food service options for you!

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