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3 Ways to Help You Choose the Right Foodservice Provider for Your Business

Looking to outsource your company’s food service program? That is a great idea to consider, but one that should be well thought out. A foodservice provider can either be everything you wished for or far from what you asked for. We are here to help you choose the best foodservice provider for your company. Consider these 3 tips to assist you in your decision making process:

1. Know What You Want

Some foodservice providers have tons of options, from coffee machines to on-site cooking, and it is important to note whether you want the simplest option or multiple options. Determining what your company needs or prefers is ultimately the first step to choosing the proper provider. Look for food services that revolve around healthy options so your employees are more energized and motivated to work. Keep cost in mind and create a budget to know how much you are willing to spend. Search for a company that is affordable and negotiable before you seal the deal.

2. Avoid a Provider with a Lack of Options

Many foodservice companies have limited options as to what they can serve to their clients, therefore, some find that there is not much variety in their food service options. As a result, companies find their employees dissatisfied with the lack of options on the menu. This leads to a negative impact on work habits and employees feeling jaded because there is nothing exciting in the lunch room. Finding a provider that emphasizes variety and regularly rotates the menu often is a crucial factor in choosing the right provider.

3. Do Your Research on Companies

Once you narrow down your options, research those companies and the reviews from their clients. Reviews are there for a reason; take advantage of that opportunity to see how others have felt about that provider’s service. Do not be hesitant to ask for client references so you can talk with their current customers to receive honest feedback; whether that be good or bad. There is also a high rate of staff turnover in the food industry, so ask your potential provider what their strategies are to keep their employees staffed & happy.

We hope you find these tips helpful and take them into consideration for choosing the right foodservice provider for you. The provider you choose can either enhance your employee’s productivity or negatively impact it which is why this decision needs the proper investigating.

Variety FoodServices is a Michigan-based, food service management company that provides the following on-site food services’: corporate catering, vending machines, micro markets, office coffee & refreshments, and café services. Please contact us today and we can discuss the best food service options for you!

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